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Namibia's very own Online School Management System.

Welcome to Oskola

Automate daily operations, generate insightful reports and make better & faster decisions.

About Oskola

Oskola is an online school management system that simplifies the institute's academic & administrative process effortlessly. The system is intelligently designed with academic institutions in mind to not only improve productivity of administrative staff but improve experience and productivity of all the stakeholders, parents and students inclusive.

With its more than 30 modules, over 8 pre-defined inbuilt roles and an Android and iOS mobile apps that can be downloaded from the play store and App store respectively, Oskola aims to automate academic institutions' daily operations, generate insightful reports to help make better & faster decisions.

Who can use Oskola?

The Oskola system can be used by any acedmic institution that wish to automate the operations at their organization. The system is suitable for many academic institutions such as;

  • Private Schools
  • Tutorial Colleges
  • Vocational Training Centers
  • Public Schools
  • Afternoon Schools
  • Pre-Schools / Kindergartens

Why Choose Oskola

Managing students and other resources is crucial for any academic institution. Oskola helps you to manage everything in one centralized system. Choose Oskola because;

  • 1Affordable Rates
  • 2Very easy to Use
  • 3Parent Monitoring
  • 4Informative Dashboards
  • 5Import and Export of Data in Excel

Test Out the Actual System

--- Click on the respective image to to get started ---

Private and Public Schools

Oskola is suitable for both private and public schools with grades 1 - 12. Login as an admin and test out the system.

Tutorial Colleges

Do you offer tutorial classes to students who pay per month, per every subject registered? We can help you!

Vocational Training Centres

Whether you offer accredited or special courses to your students, Oskola has a system perfect for your VTC.

The Admin login details for each system above is:
Username: admin@oskola.org
Password: Admin12345

As an Admin, create other users such as teacher, Accountant etc. and login as them to test their functionalities.

Oskola's Main Features

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